My one day as a movie extra

I was a movie extra for The Seduction of Joe Tynan (1979). The scene was a presidential nominating convention. It was filmed in the Baltimore Arena, then the Civic Center which seats about 12,000. I know we did it on a holiday – I’m guessing it was Veteran’s Day 1978.

The extras were arranged through the school system (and maybe others). A friend’s wife worked for them. We had to wear suits. We had a tag that was hung around our necks and some people (not me) had signs representing the states.

There were nowhere close to all the people needed to fill the arena so what they did was place everyone in one section so it looked crowded. Then they moved us to another part. We cheered for Joe.

Alan Alda, who starred in the film, came out at the end of the day and spoke to us briefly. I assume they fed us but can’t recall. It took a whole day for something that lasts about a minute or two in the film. It was enlightening to see how long it took to film something that is so brief on screen.

They gave us a certificate with facsimile autographs from Alda and Mayor Schaefer. As you can see, the film had a different name at the time.

from IMDB:

Locations in the American state of Maryland, according to the picture’s production notes, doubled for settings set in Louisiana, Washington D.C., and Westchester, New York. These included residential, countryside, and government building locales. Noticeable landmark exteriors were filmed in the U.S. capital of Washington D.C.

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