Three films by Alex de la Iglesia

I recently watched Marauders from the Mediterranean: The Macabre Magic of the Spanish Zombie Film, a documentary that is an extra on the Blu-ray of Tombs of the Blind Dead. One of the films mentioned in it was The Last Circus (2010).

I never heard of it but got the Blu-ray and it is excellent. It’s a horror film but also gruesomely funny. I have been tracking down other films by Alex de la Iglesia.

The next film I watched was My Big Night (2015) about the filming of a New Year’s Eve TV show. It’s extremely funny in a dark way. I loved it.

The third film I watched is Witching & Bitching (2013). It’s good but the weakest of the three. It’s a comedy that turns into a CGI-based horror film. I am getting more films by de la Iglesia.

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