I have seen four of the five Torrente films

There are five Torrente films all directed, starring and written by Santiago Segura. I first saw Segura in excellent films by Alex de la Iglesia. I was especially impressed by his performance in Dying of Laughter and decided to find more films of his.

Torrente is a disgusting bigot, coward, and liar. He is racist, anti-Asian, and anti-gay but I don’t recall any antisemitism. I think the character could be established as a bad guy without all of the bigotry but overall the films are very amusing in a tasteless way. Torrente reminds me of Billy Bob Thornton’s Bad Santa and the films of W. C. Fields. Look at the Tip #1 video below to get an idea of what he is like.

The firsts four films were released on DVD and I have seen them all.

The New York Times article linked to below is well worth reading.

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