QAnon update 10/16/20

Trump wouldn’t disown them.

QAnon conspiracy theories about the debate and other things

Update on the terrible QAnon cult

QAnon update 09/6/20

It gets worse and worse.

56% of Republicans believe most or part of the QAnon conspiracy theory

This is terrible news. These people don’t believe in facts which is why they support Trump.

Spreading the terrible QAnon conspiracy theory

Trump says favorable things about QAnon

This is terrible. Trump likes anyone who likes him. At least a few Republicans have disagreed with him on this.

Trump thinks these people love our country but people who disagree with him hate our country. I hate Trump but I don’t think he hates the country even though he is pals with our enemy Putin.

QAnon conspiracy theory update 8/16/20

It’s getting lots of attention.

QAnon update 8/14/20

More people believe this horrible stuff. It’s found a home in the Republican party.

She should talk to the families of the people that were killed by the crash.
Just like they criticized Trump and now support him. All that matters to Republicans is winning.

Trump supports the QAnon believer who won the primary in Georgia

QAnon is gaining popularity in the Republican party. This just gets worse and worse.