Trump is cutting refugee admissions

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Trump administration lowers number of refugees admitted for 2019


Trump Administration will accept only approximately 21,000-22,000 refugees in 2018

The article in the third tweet below has the most details of this terrible policy which, like the rest of Trump’s policies, is biased in favor of white people.  From the article:

“This year, with a record high 68.5 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, the United States is on track to take in about 22,000 refugees, a quarter the number admitted in 2016, the last year of Barack Obama’s presidency, and the fewest in four decades. ”


“In addition to far lower admissions overall, the type of refugee admitted has changed under Trump, a Reuters analysis of government data shows. The percentage who are Muslim is now a third what it was two years ago; the percentage who are Europeans has tripled. ”