Lies, lies, lies

I despise Trump for many reasons but the top two are that he is a liar and a bigot.  He will have made 2,000 false statements in his first year in office.  The Washington Post’s discussion is here.  They call them false or misleading statements.  I think most of them are lies, especially when Trump repeats statements that have been proven to be untrue.

I think he has a strategy here.  The media either has to ignore the false statement (or lie as I call it) or say it’s wrong.  Since he lies all the time, he can make his followers think the media is against him simply because they challenge things he says which are not true.

Chris Cillizza of CNN discussed the Post article here.  He wrote “Whatever else Trump does in the next three (or seven) years, that disregard for facts will be his most lasting legacy. ” reviewed Trump’s statements here.

Politifact’s analysis is here.  They said his statement that Russia election meddling is a made-up story was the lie of the year.

Time magazine noted: A recent Quinnipiac poll showed that 62% of voters don’t think Trump is honest, while only 34% believe he is.


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