Mexican horror films

I get ideas about films to watch from tweets discussing film series shown in New York and elsewhere.  The Brooklyn Academy of Music showed a series of Mexican Horror Films in late 2017. This column has descriptions and commentary.  I have tried to find them on DVDs and Blu-ray discs and have now seen most of them.  I recommend all of the ones I have seen (in italics in the chart below) but especially The Brainiac.  This is one bizarre film about a character that eats brains.

Film title Year Availability
Santa Sangre 1989 DVD and Blu-ray on Amazon and eBay
La Tia Alejandra 1979 DVD on Amazon and eBay
Cronos 1993 Criterion Blu-ray/DVD
Alucarda 1977 DVD on Amazon and eBay
Veneno para las hadas (Poison for the Fairies) 1984 DVD on Amazon and eBay
Canoa 1976 Criterion Blu-ray/DVD
El espejo de la bruja (The Witch’s Mirror) 1962 CasaNegra DVD
El Vampiro 1957 CasaNegra DVD
La maldición de la llorona (The Curse of the Crying Woman) 1963 CasaNegra DVD
El barón del terror (The Brainiac) 1962 CasaNegra DVD

The CasaNegra DVDs are excellent but are out of print.  They are usually good transfers of the films with fine special features.   They are available on eBay.  Some are also available at  CasaNegra also made DVDs for other films not on the list above: The Living Coffin (El Grito De La Muerte, and The Black Pit of Dr. MThere is also a sequel to El Vampiro called El Ataud Del Vampiro which CasaNegra bundled with El Vampiro.  The CasaNegra DVDs are all from the late 1950s and early 1960s and are generally in black and white.  The Criterion Collection always does an outstanding job and their discs contain many supplemental features.

More on Mexican films:

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