North Carolina’s congressional map is thrown out for gerrymandering

Judges ruled today that North Carolina’s congressional map was invalid because of Republican gerrymandering.  This is great news.  It could have long-term implications for the future of gerrymandering.  Gerrymandering has been done based on race and based on party.  Both parties have done party-based gerrymandering but the Republicans have done more since they control many more state governments.

Votes in the state had been close in votes for governor and president but Republicans have 10 Congress members and Democrats only have three.  Here’s what the congressional districts look like.

Their legislative districts had already been determined by the courts to be unconstitutional racial gerrymanders. They concentrated African-American voters in a few districts to reduce their presence in other districts.

Republicans in North Carolina are also trying to gerrymander state judicial districts.  Sad!

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