The Russia Investigation

Trump tweeted today that Republicans should take control of the Russia investigation.  Republicans already are in charge of the House and Senate investigations and have increasingly shown they are not serious and intend to protect Trump.   Senators Grassley and Graham referred the author of the dossier, Christopher Steele, for prosecution.  Steele was not involved in contacts between Russia and the Trump campaign.  He was trying to find out what happened.  The referral is just a diversion from the real issue.

What we know so far:

  • There were contacts between Russians and the Trump campaign which were not initially revealed by the Trump team.
  • Trump, Jr. was willing to collude with Russia to get dirt on Hillary Clinton.  He should have told the FBI instead of meeting with the Russians.
  • The initial statement about the meeting was a lie.  Apparently, Trump was involved in writing it.
  • We don’t know if collusion occurred – this in an open issue.   Trump lies when he says everyone says there is no collusion.  That’s not true.
  • Trump has made efforts to stop the investigations.
  • Some Republicans are trying to discredit the Mueller investigation which is the only real shot we have at finding out the truth.

Why are the all of these efforts to stop the investigations if there is nothing to hide?  Why all of the lies and coverups?  I don’t know yet if the Trump campaign was guilty of collusion but I sure think they act like they’re guilty.  Sad!

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