The FBI is probably pro-Trump, not against him

Trump said the FBI was “in tatters” and “dishonest”.  Congressional Republicans claim there is a “deep state” within the FBI which has political biases.

How soon we forget.

In late 2016, the perception by many was the opposite – the FBI was pro-Trump and anti-Clinton.  FBI Director Comey had damaged the Clinton campaign by twice publicly discussing the investigation of her emails.

This column from right before the 2016 election states  “According to numbers from August, 67 percent of FBI agents are white men. Fewer than 20 percent are women. The number of African-American agents hovers around 4.5 percent, with Asian-Americans about the same and Latinos at about 6.5 percent. If Trump were running for president with an electorate that looked like that, he’d win in a landslide.”

While FBI leadership has changed, I assume most of the career employees are still there and are probably pro-Trump.  Sad!

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