Trump cancels his London visit

Trump canceled his visit to London.  He blamed the cancelation on Obama because he was not a fan of the real estate deal that resulted in the new embassy.  In my view, the real reason is that he was going to be greeted by massive protests.

Liberals and conservatives in the UK criticized Trump at the time.

  • Trump blamed Obama for the embassy move

The decision was made by George W. Bush.  This is just another Trump lie about Obama.

According to the Associated Press, “Then-Ambassador Robert Tuttle said: “We realized that the goal of a modern, secure and environmentally sustainable embassy could best be met by constructing a new facility.””  This article points out other things Trump said about the move which are not correct.   His ambassador to the UK took a different approach.

Former ambassadors also said Trump was incorrect.

Trump continues to alienate allies while he sucks up to Russia.   Sad!

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