Attacks on Parkland survivors

Here’s more information.  It’s terrible that people do this instead of having a real discussion on issues.

Update: Here’s an excellent article on the personal attacks the some people have made on the Parkland students.

Update:  Conspiracy theorists falsely claim David Hogg was not at the school during the shooting.

Update:  A Minnesota state representative compared the Stoneman Douglas protesters to Hitler Youth.

Update:  Here’s a good column that makes the point that conservatives are mad because the students are sympathetic :

” …what conservatives are really mad about is that the tactic of demonizing those they disagree with — which is so common in contemporary political rhetoric (on both the right and left) — has, in this case, been taken away from them.”

Update:  InfoWars depicted Emma Gonzalez as a member of Hitler youth and dubbed Hitler over a David Hogg speech.


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