Wisconsin doesn’t want to obey the law

Two seats in the Wisconsin legislature became vacant on December 29, 2017 when Republican governor Walker appointed the officeholders to posts in his government.  Walker did not want to hold special elections for the positions.

The law states, according to this article, “Walker should have called for a special election to fill “any vacancy in the office of state senator or representative to the Assembly occurring before the 2nd Tuesday in May in the year in which a regular election is held to fill that seat shall be filled as promptly as possible by special election.””

A lawsuit, led by former US Attorney General Holder, was filed and a judge appointed by Walker ruled that the special elections must be held.

Now, the Republicans want to change the law instead of follow it.  Do you think Republicans are going to accept the results if they lose midterm elections if they are willing to do stuff like this? Sad!


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