Trump implies elections are rigged again

He insinuated there was something wrong. This is a preview of what he will do to undermine the 2020 results if he loses. Republicans should defend the integrity of the elections but of course they won’t.

Trump administration/Republicans override voters’ decision in Utah

Utah voters approved Medicaid expansions. The Trump administration will let Utah Republicans go against the will of the voters and limit it.

Republicans keep saying elections matter when we express concern about the Supreme Court. However, they didn’t respect the election here.


North Carolina House district NC-09 update

In addition to the new election, here are some other developments.

  1. The main guy who committed election fraud has been indicted.
  2. McConnell lied and treated this as voter fraud, not election fraud by Republicans. He did this to blame Democrats which is totally wrong.

Trump won’t condemn North Carolina election fraud

He compared them to phony voter fraud claims in Texas and California.

New election to be held for NC-09 House representative

Even Republicans finally understood all their efforts to rig the election were not acceptable. Trump says nothing.

Hearing on North Carolina illegal election activity

Looks like Republican fraud to me. I recommend a new election.