Mississippi runoff

Republican Senator Hyde-White has shown what she is really like and she is slipping.  Now her fellow bigot Trump will try to bail her out.

I support Mike Espy.

Cynthia Hyde-White’s comments

I don’t think public hangings and voter suppression are good subjects for votes but a Mississippi senator does.  I hope she loses the runoff.



Now Lou Dobbs claims there were illegal votes

Liar!  There is no basis for his claim.

2018 elections results – 11/16/18

still more good analysis and new results






Impact of gerrymandering in Ohio

This is amazing stuff that shows how powerful gerrymandering is.

From the Cleveland.com article linked to below:

“… in terms of controlling Ohio’s government, the GOP won 73 of the 116 Statehouse races.
But the Republicans scored their wins for 63 percent of the seats while collecting just over 50 percent of the total vote.
This is a lot like what happened in Ohio’s 16 congressional districts, where Republicans won 75 percent of the seats with just 52 percent of the overall vote.”

We haven’t forgotten the 2000 election

Democrats represent the growing modern economy

Democrats represent the growing areas but they still do more to look out for poor people than Republicans do.