Democrats in Congress are diverse. Republicans are mostly white men.


Trump learned nothing from the massive Republican House losses in the midterms

This will hurt Trump and the Republicans going forward (which is fine with me).  Trump just lives in his Fox News bubble and ignores the facts.


from the article linked to above:

“Republican critics, such as veteran strategist Mike Murphy, say Trump is threatening the GOP by “learning nothing from November and playing to the third of the country that he already has.””

Maine’s governor’s election was not stolen

It was done under the ranked choice system approved by Maine voters.


Chaos in the North Carolina district 9 congressional election

There is obvious fraud here by Republicans.  Now the want to seat the guy in Congress.  A new election is the right solution.



North Carolina Congressional district #9 coverage from North Carolina

This is a link to great local coverage of the election fraud.

Here is other coverage of North Carolina:


Kemp lied about voter fraud in Georgia

Michigan Republican scam

They are going against the wishes of the voters.  Sad!

from the article:

“To prevent minimum wage and earned sick time initiatives from going to voters last month, GOP lawmakers approved them in September so they could be more easily altered after the election with simple majority votes rather than the three-fourths support that would have been needed if voters had passed the proposals.
The tactic — never done until now — was pushed by the business community as necessary to avoid jeopardizing the economy. But it was criticized as an unconstitutional attack on voters’ will at a time Republicans in Michigan are trying to dilute the powers of incoming elected Democrats.”