The 2018 House elections could be a disaster

The 2018 congressional elections have the potential to be a real catastrophe, no matter which party wins.

I expect the Republicans to keep the Senate so I am talking about the House of Representatives. Early polls show the Democrats picking up a lot of seats but the election is a long time away. I am not focused on the polls.
1) If the Republicans keep control, Democrats could blame it on Russian interference. This is different than the 2016 election. We know a lot more about Russian meddling and we also know that Trump has done nothing to stop it. Even the head of the National Security Agency acknowledges that Trump has not given him new authority to fight the Russian threat.
Republicans are also stacking the deck through gerrymandering and making it harder for people to vote. Democrats do gerrymandering too but control far fewer state governments.
2) If the Democrats gain control, Trump will probably say the elections were rigged. He said “the system”, which I assume includes elections, was rigged just yesterday. He said the 2016 election was rigged before he won. Republicans will probably also blame the media. Of course, they will blame George Soros like they blame him for a lot of things they don’t like.
If the Democrats win by a few seats, Republicans will likely blame the new Pennsylvania map which eliminated the extreme Republican gerrymandering and will result in more Democrats winning. Trump is encouraging Republicans to continue to fight the map. What if this not resolved by election day?
There are also concerns about the voting equipment. This all adds up to the potential for many people not to accept the results of the elections.


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