Trump doesn’t apologize

Two columns with insights on why Trump doesn’t apologize.


“I asked a senior administration official about the phenomenon this morning. Here’s how he explained it:

“Not apologizing is a core operating principle for Trump. The basic belief is that you never actually get ‘credit’ — from the Left, the media, political opponents, etc. — for apologizing, so why do it? Even the Access Hollywood response video included a defiant Trump going after the ‘actions’ of Bill Clinton and ‘bullying of victims’ by Hillary, and ended with ‘See you at the debate!'”


“Trump is aware of the concept of the apology. He has tweeted about apologies during his time as president and a candidate — he’s demanded them from other people repeatedly. From Cruz to Hillary Clinton.
His frequently injured ego and demands for apologies were noticed by The Atlantic last year and they guessed apologies are like a contest for him. Getting an apology is like winning. Issuing an apology is like losing. Trump does not view himself as a loser.”

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