The next financial crisis

from the article: “It is infuriating that officials have put the welfare of most Americans at risk to enrich the wealthiest few.”

from the article:

“Of course, averages obscure a lot. Americans have not shared equally in the losses from the crisis. Families of modest means have far fewer, or in many cases zero, assets; they may have lost their homes and their savings. The average family of three earning less than $42,500 a year saw its net worth chopped nearly in half, to $10,800 in 2016, from $18,500 in 2007, the Pew Research Center found. Wealth of families earning $42,500 to $127,600 fell by nearly a third, to $110,100. Yet, the wealth of affluent families who earn more than $127,600 jumped nearly 10 percent, to $810,800. ”

“Before the crisis, the share of economic output that went to workers had been falling steadily since early 2001, when it stood at 64 percent. After the crisis it plunged to about 56 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, rising only slightly in the last few years.
This is because as workers’ incomes have stalled, corporate profits have shot up…”

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