I really think Trump will not accept the midterm results in Republicans lose

Maybe I’m paranoid but I believe he will claim the election was rigged and will try not to seat the next Congress.  We know Republicans will do nothing to stop anything he does because their voters approve of him much more than them.  He’s getting his cult ready to believe the election is rigged:

He’s already said that social media firms have interfered.  From the article:

“Referring to companies such as Facebook Inc (FB.O) and Twitter Inc(TWTR.N), Trump, a Republican, told the Daily Caller in an interview conducted on Tuesday “I think they already have” interfered in the Nov. 6 election. ”

Of course, he won’t say that Russia is interfering in the election.  Sad!

update 9/18/18

Now he is saying China is meddling in the 2018 election

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