Republican voters think the blue wave is “fake news”

Trump told them a red wave was coming.


Republicans can’t win on the issues – Trump’s terrible behavior, the tax cut that primarily helped rich people, and immigration policies that separated children from parents.

Instead (like Trump), they are making personal attacks on Democratic candidates.

From the article: “Republican electioneering groups, including the Congressional Leadership Fund “super PAC” and the National Republican Congressional Committee, have spent millions in recent weeks attacking Democratic candidates in intensely personal terms. The committees, along with some Republican candidates, have blasted one Democratic hopeful in New York for rap lyrics he once wrote; branded another, in Pennsylvania, as a “trust fund baby” and “tax dodger”; and aired commercials featuring veterans in wheelchairs to sow doubts about the patriotism of some Democratic nominees.”

There is no low Republicans won’t stoop to.

Then there’s this:


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