Kavanaugh update 10/1/18

Here’s my opinion:

Republicans intend to ram the nomination through and probably will succeed.  The investigation, which will not be complete, will not provide any concrete evidence showing that Dr. Ford’s story is true. It appears that nobody else recalls the event but I can’t believe she would make it up and put herself and her family through hell.  I believe her but there is no blue dress like there was with Monica Lewinsky.  Republicans don’t care about the truth.  They tried to limit the investigation until they were exposed.  They have still placed a phony time limit on it.  Haste is more important than learning the facts to them.  They’ll just say that Judge Kavanaugh is telling the truth since we can’t prove that Dr. Ford is.  There is also the issue of the other accusers – are they lying too?  I doubt it.  Trump is defending him like he defends all men accused of sexual assault if they’re Republicans or work for Fox News.

I would vote against Judge Kavanaugh for lots of reasons.  He is clearly lying about the definitions of slang words and his drinking habits.  I used to drink a lot of beer and I have had at least one instance where I had so much beer that I didn’t recall things.  I was in my 40s.  Over the next several days, people told me things I said that I didn’t recall but I am sure they were telling the truth.

I think Judge Kavanaugh is lying about his beer consumption.  Other people who knew him then say that.  I think he is concerned that admitting to drinking to much would imply blackouts and that the assault on Dr. Ford happened but that he doesn’t remember it.

I am also concerned about his extremely partisan views expressed at the hearing where he attacked Democrats.  Do you think he could be objective if a Democratic governor sued the Trump administration?  I don’t.  If he is approved, this is another bad step towards making the Court a completely partisan operation, no different from the other branches of government.

Now for some tweets


Where Kavanaugh’s testimony was misleading or wrong

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