Frenchy Fuqua’s goldfish shoes

This is hardcore 1970’s stuff.

Pittsburgh Steelers running back John “Frenchy” Fuqua had shoes with goldfish in them!

Here’s a story with background:

from the interview:

Frenchy laughed. ”Then I get a call from a friend. ‘Frenchy,’ he says, ‘I got somethin’ real sweet for you.’ ” ‘What is it?’ ” ‘How would you like some shoes you can put goldfish in?’ ”I said, ‘Hey, I got an outfit for it.’ ”It was my count suit, with the musketeer hat and gold cane and lavender cape and my valet, which was Franco Harris, who carried the cape and never let it touch ground. And, oh yes, my wine-red knickers. That’s why I switched from goldfish to tropical fish. The tropical-fish colors went better with my outfits.
”The shoes were actually fiberglass clogs with three-inch heels. I had two fish in each shoe. They were a little slippery to walk in, being glass, so you’d have to hold on to a rail when you went down stairs. But my biggest problem was that the fish kept dying. I kept running and adding water, and that just got my socks wet. I experimented with a small pump that ran up my pants, but that was uncomfortable. Finally I gave up the fish but kept the shoes – and put in a terrarium.”

Here’s a link to a photo.

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