Inside Trump rallies

from the article linked to in the tweet below:

“After all that, I can attest that Trump voters are not ready to concede a monopoly on outrage. They are stoked by Trump’s dystopian portrayal of a socialist America under radical far-left Democrats—a version of the country where jobs have been killed and Medicare destroyed to fund benefits for migrants pouring across open borders, where drug dealers and MS-13 killers take over sanctuary cities.

Trump’s volume, his belittling rhetoric, and his misinformation seemed to escalate rally by rally as the election approached, to the point that Republicans like House Speaker Paul Ryan were begging him to focus on the economy and back off his immigration prevarications. But the people who packed his rallies seemed to love nothing more than his anti-immigrant rhetoric— “Build the wall! Build the wall!”—and they seemed to accept Trump’s claims as the most reliable version of reality.”

from the article:




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