2020 debates between Trump and the Democratic candidate

I am worried about the debates.

  1. Who will Trump accept as a moderator? Everyone besides Fox News is fake news. He’d probably accept a moderator from RT.
  2. How should Trump’s lies be handled? The volume of Trump ‘s lies has increased as time in his term passes. By 2020, he will have three years of his presidency to lie about. When (not if) he lies, who should correct him?
    1. If the moderator corrects him, Trump will say they are biased
    2. If the Democratic candidate corrects him, that cuts into their time to express their own views.
  3. This is my suggestion – strike first:
    1. In their opening remarks, the Democratic candidate should say something like this: “Tonight, I want to focus on our ideas to improve our country. However, I first want to note that I expect Mr. Trump to lie throughout the debate, just like he has on the campaign trail. We will keep track of his lies and the facts in real time on our web site which is ________. That way, we can concentrate on our ideas during this debate.”
    2. The Democratic campaign could have a ready-made database of his common lies ready to go. He lies repeatedly about the same things so it should be easy to be prepared.
    3. Trump must be told that name calling such as “Pocahontas”is unacceptable.
    4. If Trump persists with lies and insults, the Democrat should cancel future debates.

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