Trump lies more than ever

The volume of lies has increased in 2019. There are three reasons for this in my opinion.

  1. He has more to lie about. He has been president for over two years now so he can lie about what he and his administration have done.
  2. There are no consequences for lying. His base thinks he tells he truth. Republicans who know better are too cowardly to speak up. Trump has discredited media sources that document his lies and his cult believes his “alternate facts”. People like me already hate him and more lies will not change our opinion.
  3. The media repeats and broadcasts his lies. Even if they refute his claims, they still put them out for public consumption. I doubt that the way to get Trump to stop lying is to spread his lies.

This is going to make debates in the 2020 general election very difficult. Te Democratic candidate will basically tell the truth and Trump will lie.

Why lie about something that is easy to verify?

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