More on Trump’s lies

Cillizza’s column on Trump’s lies is good as far as it goes.

However, it leaves out a lot. Most of the media was slow to call Trump’s false statements lies. Some people say you can’t call his statements lies because you don’t know his motivation. Maybe it’s just an error. If he repeats something after the media has pointed out the truth, it’s a lie. He says the same lies over and over again. He lies so often, he knows the media can’t spend as much time as needed correcting his lies. If they don’t call a lie a lie, Trump wins.

Trump takes advantage of the fact that the media would be considered biased against him if they confronted him on his lies. They should ask him questions like this but never will:

“Why did you say your father was born in Germany when he was born in New York?”

“Why did you say your campaign had no contacts with Russia when 16 people had approximately 100 contacts?” (I’m not sure of the exact numbers- I know it’s around these.)

“Why did you compose a false statement about the meeting your son had with a Russian in Trump Tower?”

I think the media should stop televising his lies. Put them online with the facts next to them. Someone should talk to a child psychologist about how they get kids to stop lying. I am sure putting the lies on national TV is not part of the correct answer.

Trump’s spokespeople have to lie to support his lies. I wouldn’t have Kellyanne Conway or Sarah Sanders on TV as long as they tell lies. I understand that anchors like Chris Cuomo want to show both sides but it doesn’t work if one side lies.

and now for more Trump lies….

These aren’t wild claims, they are lies!

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