The 2020 presidential election will be a fiasco

If you thought the 2016 election was ugly, it will pale compared to the 2020 election. It’s already clear that the losers will not gracefully accept the results.

If Trump loses, he’ll say it was rigged. He’ll blame the media, the deep state and illegal immigrants.

If the Democrat loses, they will blame foreign interference (which Trump has encouraged) and voter suppression.

There is no limit to how low Trump will sink. He may be indicted as soon as he leaves office (which is what I hope happens) so he is desperate to win.

This is what I expect:

He will lie and call his opponent names.

He will say the Democrats want open borders and crime. He will say they support infanticide. He will say that they want to take your guns away and repeal the Second Amendment. He will say they are socialists.

He will make official events into political rallies.

He will accuse the media and his opponents of treason.

He will threaten not to leave because the results are invalid if he loses.

He will bribe his base – look at the billions he is giving to farmers to offset the damage from his foolish tariffs.

He is already attacking Democratic candidates before the primaries even begin. He is spreading lies about Biden’s health just like he did about Hillary Clinton’s.

He will use the government to investigate his opponents like he wanted to do with Biden and the Ukraine. He will lean on countries who want to maintain good relations with the US.

I’m not the only concerned about what Trump will do:

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