What would you call O. J. Simpson’s fantasy team?

The comments on this tweet are great. My favorite suggested team names are “Donovan McStab” and “The White Broncos”.

I believe Simpson is guilty of murder but I also am willing to believe that the prosecutors didn’t prove it. You get what you pay for. The government lawyers made a lot less money than Simpson’s “dream team”.

And now for some tasteless Simpson jokes:

  1. Q: Did you know the Bills are going to re-sign O. J. A: He can still cut and run.
  2. Q: Did you know that O. J. is going to take up hockey? A: You only get two minutes for slashing.
  3. Q: What’s the difference between O. J. Simpson and Jeffrey Dahmer? A: O. J. only ate one of his victims.
  4. Q: Did you know O. J. is moving to West Virginia? A: All the DNA is the same there.


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