The latest bad Trump cult idea – secession

Actually, I would be fine splitting the country up. The blue states have 70% of the GDP and will do better without subsidizing poor red states. I admire Biden for thinking it’s possible but unity is a pipe dream. We have a large share of the country that doesn’t believe in facts. I don’t know how we can reach a consensus on anything if we can’t agree on facts.

I would never had said it before but maybe splitting up the country would be best at this point.

3 thoughts on “The latest bad Trump cult idea – secession

  1. Actually, red and blue states would probably both be better off after a secession, because it would be harder to convince them to enter a foreign forever quagmire war. Those advocating war would have to work twice as hard to get the same firepower. So, after secession, the successor states who avoided war would reap an economic windfall worth trillions.

    On the other hand, the warmongers know this also, which is why the MSM is so anxious to denounce secession for any spurious reason they can find.


  2. Actually, a secession can be a win-win proposition for both the reds and the blues, or just whoever the successor states are. The reason is that none of the successor states will be more likely to avoid our ultra-expensive foreign quagmire endless wars. For example, if we split, then the war against Afghanistan ends that day, and new wars will be much harder to start. So a split will save loads of money, not to mention countless innocent lives.

    Of course, the MSM knows this, which is why they are so quick to denounce secession efforts.

    But if we can manage to split up, the world will be a much better, and more prosperous, place.


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