Interviews: A man who said he was pregnant

Everyone should have a job where they deal with the public. I conducted interviews in local government offices from 1976-1981 and I will write several posts about the most unusual ones. Most people were normal, honest and frankly, not memorable. For the really bizarre ones, I always thought it was wrong to laugh at them to their face. It was hard not to laugh if the members of the public laughed. I think I only laughed maybe four or five times total. If I had to laugh (or yawn because I was out late the night before), then it was time to get a form or make a photocopy of a document.

I once interviewed a man who said he was pregnant. He and his friend, who I assume was the “father”, both wore hoop hearings which was radical around 1980. If you saw men wearing earing back then, they just wore a single stud. He was going for psychiatric treatment at a local hospital. He didn’t know why. I knew why.

Late in the interview, he told me he was having labor pains. His friend laughed at that and I did too. ( I could understand that you could feel you were missing out by not being able to have children but nobody told me labor pains were fun!

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