My first apartment

I moved to Baltimore on January 2, 1976. I didn’t have a job there but I wanted to get away from THEM (AKA my parents). The apartment was only $65 a month which was cheap even then. It was on Eutaw Place in a huge, elegant old building that had been split up into many apartments. Eutaw Place had been one of the finest streets in Baltimore and had a median strip. It had fallen on hard times since its prime at the turn of the century. I knew people in theater who had renovated the floor and got cheap rents in return. Some of them moved out so there was a vacant apartment.

There were good and bad things about the apartment. It had high ceilings and a great bay window. It was also roach infested. The building was managed by a guy who ran a bar on the Block, which is Baltimore’s strip club district. One of his employees, who lived in the building, murdered a guy by slitting his throat with a bottle during the July 4th weekend. I figure he either didn’t pay or asked for something too freaky.

It was time to move and I was out of there by September.

This is the building.

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