The last time I took illegal drugs

I never took quaaludes in college. in the 1970s. I remember seeing kids crawl around on the floor. That wasn’t for me. Young people only know quaaludes from The Wolf of Wall Street which had a lot of quaalude consumption.

I was visiting my neighbors in 1986 and they had quaaludes. I had been drinking so I took a half one one and put the other half in a plastic sandwich bag and carried it home. I never could find where I put it.

Several months later, my house was broken into. The bad guys went through everything, even dresser drawers with t-shirts and underwear. The police were in the house on the third floor and I was in my bedroom on the second floor. There, next to the nightstand, was the plastic bag with the half of the quaalude. I thought: I’ve been broken into and I’m going to get busted. I had a half-bath connected to the bedroom and I flushed the half a quaalude.

I haven’t taken anything you can’t buy in a store since that day. I have no objections to drugs and would consider them if they were legal. I worry about quality control. When you’re young, you think you’re immortal and you don’t consider what could be in that drug you put in your mouth. When you’re older, you know know you’re not immortal and you worry about what’s in something. Also, I would want to check first that it didn’t interfere with any of my prescription meds. That certainly wasn’t a consideration when I was 20!

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