Aftermath of the bachelor party

See the previous post about the bachelor party:

I had a bachelor party at my apartment – Sad! (

The weddings

I attended both weddings. I was even in the wedding party for one of them and wore a tux. That wedding was held at Westminster Hall. It used to be a church but is now a non-denominational hall. Edgar Allen Poe is buried in the graveyard next to the building. It was a great place for a wedding. There was no fixed seating so we had folding chairs on the main floor for ceremony and tables on the balcony for the reception. The bride wanted recorded music for parts of the ceremony. We hooked up my cassette deck to the hall’s sound system.

This was the bride’s choice for the music that was played after the ceremony and we were walking back down the aisle. She made a great choice.

The other wedding was at the same time the Orioles played the White Sox in the 1983 American League Championship series. Some of us kept leaving the reception to go to the building lobby to get a score from the man who greeted people. The bride was not happy with us.

Death by VCR

One of the two guys who had watched the movies intently asked us to hook up a VCR for him which we did. He was married and was very overweight. Then he got heavily into porno movies. We were shocked.

He had a heart attack or stroke and died. He wasn’t old. I am guessing early 40s. I attributed it to his weight but one of our coworkers treated us like we were murderers.

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