Flushing ashes down the toilet in Captain Fantastic

Captain Fantastic is an excellent 2016 film that includes a scene where cremated ashes are flushed down a toilet in an airport bathroom. The ashes of a woman are flushed by her husband and their sons and daughters.

I am the executor of a will for a friend who lives near Philadelphia and I have teased him that I will flush his ashes at the 30th Street train station. I told him he could pick out the stall.

When we have discussed this, we couldn’t figure out if it was done in a men’s or women’s bathroom. The script is available online but it only says:

The entire family – Ben, Bo, Rellian, Vespyr and Kielyr,
Zaja, and Nai – are crowded into a small toilet stall.
Ben pulls a paper bag out of his backpack. He opens it wide
enough for the ashes inside to be visible.
Then he pours.
They all stare at Leslie’s ashes in the toilet bowl.

(It’s on page 123 but you can also search for “bathroom”). It doesn’t answer the question of which type of bathroom was used!

Here’s the scene – it’s around the three minute point

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