Lucinda Williams on Austin City Limits in 1998

This is the entire performance. It was released on DVD but appears to be out of print based on the Amazon and eBay prices. Williams released Car Wheels on a Gravel Road in 1998. I think it’s her best album and one of the best by anyone ever. The songs from the album are the main focus of the concert. Williams is backed by a terrific band and the great support from harmonies provided by Jim Lauderdale. I can’t recommend this highly enough.

Lucinda Williams – Austin City Limits 1998 – Full Performance.

Lucinda Williams (vocals, guitar), Kenny Vaughan (guitar, backing vocals), John Jackson (guitar), Richard “Hombre” Price (bass), Randy Leago (Hammond B3, Accordion), Fran Breen (drums), and Jim Lauderdale (acoustic guitar, backing vocals).

  1. Pineola (0:19)
  2. Metal Firecracker (5:00)
  3. Car Wheels on a Gravel Road (8:38)
  4. Right in Time (13:19)
  5. Drunken Angel (17:58)
  6. Greenville (21:21)
  7. Still I Long for Your Kiss (25:43)
  8. Lake Charles (30:13)
  9. Changed the Locks (35:42)
  10. Disgusted (39:31)
  11. Jackson (42:45)
  12. Sweet Old World (49:02)
  13. Passionate Kisses (54:12)
  14. Something About What Happens When We Talk (56:54)
  15. Joy (1:00:54)
  16. Can’t Let Go (1:09:33)

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