I was almost a history major

I graduated college with a degree in English. I had 30 credits in literature and 12 in writing. A friend said I majored in reading for pleasure and she wasn’t wrong.

I almost had a double major – the other one would have been history. I wound up with 27 credits in history and needed 30. By my first term of my senior year, I was cutting a lot of classes. I hadn’t been to my history class for a while so I decided to check them out in late November or early December. I walked in and they were taking the final! The professor would have let me make up the work with a paper but I never did that. For that semester, I had four A’s in English classes and an incomplete in my history class.

My favorite period to study was the American Civil War In the early 1960s, there was a lot of attention paid to it because of the 100th anniversary of the war. In the summer of 1963, right before I turned 10, my family went to Virginia and toured Civil War battlefields. When we got back, I started reading adult Civil War books such as those by Bruce Catton. I never had a phase of reading books for teenagers. I went from kids books to adult books.

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