Excessive media Trump coverage

I wrote Ben White at Politico who had tweeted this:

This is my message:

Yes, Trump should be covered,  He may be the Republican candidate in 2024 and we need to know if he violated any laws.However, the coverage of Trump has been excessive. Here are two examples just from yesterday.  I have attached screen prints of the CNN iPhone app from last night.  The top seven stories all have Trump in the headline.  I made more screen prints of the next stories (which I didn’t attach) and there is no mention of Joe Biden in the headlines there either.  
The Washington Post was similar.  Four of the top five stories had Trump in the headlines. I have attached screen prints of them. I must commend Politico which didn’t have this excessive Trump coverage.
Any web or print space and any TV time spent on Trump is time that could be spent on other issues such as infrastructure or voting rights.  Even negative coverage of Trump blocks coverage of Biden and issues.
This isn’t new.  It goes all the way to the beginning of his 2016 campaign. Donald Trump has earned $2 billion in free media coverage, study shows (cnn.com)
Just how much media coverage is Donald Trump getting? (cnn.com)

Members of the media should not tweet Trump’s rants because that helps him evade his Twitter ban.Cable news ratings are down since Trump is gone but their desire for viewers does not justify their distorted coverage. 

Harris Levy

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