I saw the 1993 Home Run Derby

The 1993 baseball All-Star Game was held in Baltimore. I didn’t go to the game but I did attend the Home Run Derby the day before. The derby was not as big a deal then as it is now. It was held in the day time.

The things I remember:

  • Juan Gonzalez hit an incredible home run to the third deck in left field. With hindsight, he was probably juiced.
  • Ken Griffey, Jr. hit the warehouse on the fly. This has never been done in a game.
  • Cecil Fielder was accompanied by one of his kids. He looked like a sawed-off version of Fielder. He was very stout. I assume this was Prince Fielder.
I think this photo would have been taken around the time I saw them.

I have two foul balls hit by Orioles players in Home Run Derbies. I bought them online.

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