Two genie jokes

Two old jokes about genies:

A guy meets a genie who gives him one wish.

The guy says “I want you to build me a bridge to Hawaii.”

The genie says “That’s ridiculous. Think of something else.”

The guy says “Alright, I wish I understood women.”

The genie says “How many lanes do you want the bridge to have?”


A guy goes into a bar and puts a little man on the bar who starts playing piano.

The bartender asks how he got him.

The guy says “I got three wishes from a genie and got this with one of them.”

The bartender says “Can I have a wish?”

The guy says “Alright.”

The bartender says “I wish I had a million bucks. ” The bar starts filling up with ducks.

The bartender says “I didn’t ask for a million ducks.”

The guy says “Well, I didn’t ask for a 12 inch pianist either.”

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