My view on the Beatles White Album

The Paranoid Style on Twitter is one of my favorite accounts. She does a great job making fresh observations about music. I don’t agree with her about the White Album but I respect her opinion.

When I was bored at work meetings, I would make a list of all the songs from an album when I was in high school decades earlier. One time I was at a conference which was so bad, I did the White Album. I remembered 29 or 30 songs. The nest day,, I recalled the one I missed (“Sexy Sadie”) and I even like that.

To me, “Honey Pie”, “Wild Honey Pie”, “Helter Skelter”, “Revolution #9”, “Good Night” and “Long Long Long” are trash. In “Back in the USSR”, they are parodying a band (Beach Boys) who weren’t as good as them. “When I’m 64” was fresh. The old time stuff got weaker as they did “Your Mother Should Know” and “Honey Pie”.

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