Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films ranked in Esquire and Paste

I have seen and liked most of the MCU films. They ought to be good considering the high level of performing, writing and directing talent involved with them. Most superhero films wind up with people beating the crap out of each other like in a WWE or UFC fight. Most and possibly all were filmed in 3-D but very few are now released in 3-D in the US. It’s possible to find 3-D versions from other countries on eBay. That’s how I got Black Panther and Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange looks great in 3-D and the casino scene in Black Panther looks wonderful.

I agree with putting Black Panther as #1. It;’s a great film. I would rate Doctor Strange higher than #17. Guardians of the Galaxy as #2 is good. The Guardian films add humor to the superhero mix.

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