Gerrymandering in New York

I don’t approve of gerrymandering anywhere but aggressive Republican gerrymandering elsewhere means Democrats must fight back.

One thought on “Gerrymandering in New York

  1. Gerrymandering is CHEATING!! These politicians teach their children not to cheat, punish them if they do and here they are themselves cheating. Shame on our politicians, all of them who cheat and even more so, those who do so at the expense of the voters. Example New York (applies to all gerrymandering states): In new York with the new redistricting “Your vote counts” no longer applies to a registered Republican. So, it is actually useless for a Republican in New York to vote, these votes no longer count, they have been rendered useless. I say this for any state who redistricts who stack the cards in their favor. Talk about voters rights? They are all hypocrites in that regard. As for the Impartial Commission, FIRE them all and get people in there who can truly be impartial and fair to the voters, not the politicians.


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