The garage at the building I worked at is now a morgue!

This is unreal. The Metro West Building at 300 N. Greene St. near downtown Baltimore was opened in late 1980 and closed in early 2014. I worked there for all but about six months of the time it was open. Originally, there were about 5,200 employees but there were only about 1,200-1,400 by the time it was emptied. The clerical work done there had mostly been replaced by electronic processes. It’s a huge building that takes up two city blocks.

The common perception was that the federal government would sell the building to the University of Maryland which has professional schools and a large hospital nearby. I was surprised when it was sold to a private company. As far as I know, only the indoor garage and parking lot have ever been used before this. The article linked to at the top says the garage has room for 452 vehicles.

GSA on the sale of the building

With ‘plenty of space,’ Caves Valley considers plans for Metro West

Developer plans large garage at Metro West site

This new (2/17) article doesn’t even mention the building!

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