My favorite Orioles nicknames

Don Stanhouse – “Full Pack”

Earl Weaver called him “Full Pack” because of how many cigarettes Weaver would smoke when Stanhouse pitched. He was a relief pitcher for the Orioles in 1978 and 1979. He took a long time between pitches and threw a lot of pitches that were not strikes. He counted on hitters being impatient and eager to swing at anything. It was very frustrating to watch as a fan but he got the job done most of the time as a closer. I saw him at an autograph show a few years ago and the long curly hair is gone. I can’t recall if he just had short hair or was bald.

Joe Altobelli – “Cement Head”

Altobelli was the manager who led the Orioles to the last World Series win. He did not come across as a great baseball mind like Earl Weaver, his predecessor. The Orioles owner, Edward Bennett Williams called him “Cement Head”. I guess a famous successful lawyer like Williams didn’t like having his huge investment managed by a guy who only went to high school.

Curt Blefary – “Clank”

Blefary was primarily an outfielder for the Orioles from 1965-1968. He could hit and was Rookie of the Year in 1965. He was not a good fielder and was nicknamed “Clank” by teammate Frank Robinson.

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