What people notice about you

Two experiences from working in a large office building:

In 1989, I lost 50 pounds in six months.  I went from 189 to 136.  I cut out junk food (most of my diet) and beer and started exercising.  (I eventually put it all back plus more.)  Many people thought I was sick but were afraid to ask directly.  They would say things like “I was talking to (another person) and they thought you looked sick.”  I felt fine but I certainly looked too skinny. I could wear 30-inch waist pants.

Women made up most of the staff in my building.  I never thought that anyone was looking at my butt but I had two women tell me that I had lost too much weight in the buns. I had an answer by the second time. I said “If you liked them, you should have said something when I had them.  Don’t tell me now when they’re gone.”

 I had a beard until 1999.  I have had a mustache continuously since I went to Pitt in 1971.  (When you’re young, you want to look older.  When you’re old, you want to look younger. )  After I had the beard cut off, four people ask me when I started growing a mustache.

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