Ordering eyeglasses online

I ordered eyeglasses online for the first time at the end of 2021. I got them from Befitting. I am very please with them. I didn’t want to get them from a store where I would be around people and trying on glasses others had handled. The place where I get my exam also sells glasses.

Befitting informed me that I needed the pupillary distance measurement which was not on the prescription. The eye care place said I had to come in to get it; they wouldn’t give it to me over the phone. I downloaded free rulers and tried them but they gave implausible low numbers.

I finally bought this, got a good measurement, and got my glasses. Did you know that there are measurement numbers on the inside of glasses frames? I didn’t. The numbers from my last two pairs helped me select the size of my new ones.

The bottom line is to make sure you get your pupillary distance number because it may or may not be on the prescription.

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