Our nasty cafeteria manager

I worked in a federal building but the cafeteria was contracted out to the private sector. One guy who ran it for a while was really mean.

One of my coworkers told him once that the salad bar was out of some things and needed to be refilled. He told her, “Eat what’s there!”

Here’s how he lost the concession (based on several accounts and what I saw). A lady when to him with a bowl of oatmeal or grits with mouse droppings in it. (There were lots of mice in the building.) He told her, “Well maybe you put them there.” Did he really think a customer would spoil a bowl of food worth a dollar of two?

The customer wrote the health department and they did a raid. They showed up in the middle of breakfast or lunch.

For a few days, all of the kitchen equipment was on the floor. It looked like it would if you emptied your closet out. When the cafeteria reopened, someone else was running it.

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