Tower (2016)

Tower is a documentary film about one of the first mass shootings. It took place on August 1,1966 on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin. A gunman killed 16 people including two before he shot people from the tower. I know his name but am not giving it. It is only mentioned twice in the film.

Tower was inspired by this article, “96 Minutes” on the shooting. It is an outstanding film based on the memories of people who were there – victims who survived, media members, and the people who killed the sniper. Most of the film has their words spoken by young actors (to recreate the ages they were when it happened) and the visuals are primarily animations using rotoscoping.

The film does a great job conveying the individual stories. I remember the incident but didn’t remember anything about the people other than the shooter. Back then, these events were so rare they were big news and we all know the names of the killers.

Kino Lorber has made a fine Blu-disc with a lot of extras including interviews and the ceremony when a memorial was placed on the campus.

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