My bats with Orioles autographs

I have been collecting Baltimore Orioles autographs on bats since 1991. (I haven’t gotten any during the pandemic and since I’m 68, my days of standing in lines for signatures may be over anyway. I have four bats of them and have posted the list of 198 signatures below. (The ones shown as Chris Potter were obtained by Mr. Potter on a bat I supplied. He visited the players. I got all of the rest in person.)

One cool thing about Orioles autographs is that I could get signatures from players on the first team from 1954. You couldn’t get the first players for old teams like the Yankees or Reds.

Everyone who collects Orioles autographs has the obvious ones like Brooks Robinson and Cal Ripken, Jr. My goal was to get someone who only played one game for the Orioles. I haven’t achieved that but I do have a player who was in two games (Parker Bridwell) and one who was in three games (Luiz Ortiz).

Many of the signatures were obtained at the Orioles’ winter events. I avoided players who had not been on the Orioles’ major league roster yet but I do have one. In 2008, the Orioles FanFest was held before the season. I got an autograph from Chris Roberson but he was sent down before the season started. As one of the final cuts, you would expect him to be called up during the season but he never was. I did get autographs from Matt Wieters and Chris Tillman when they were at AA Bowie but it was clear they would be on the major league roster soon. I got signatures from managers and coaches as well as players.

The photo is of my second Orioles bat.

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