The Republican Party will continue to block gun safety laws

Nothing is going to change. Republicans have received millions from the NRA. Even though some gun control ideas such as universal background checks are popular, few Republicans in Congress would support them.

I don’t see how we can even have a discussion on this when the GOP/NRA claims gun control advocates want to take all of their guns and get rid of the Second Amendment. Nobody is advocating that but throwing that out there is a way to avoid a real discussion.

When did I know nothing would get done in Congress on guns? Sandy Hook. If seeing 20 children killed isn’t enough to get you to do something, I don’t know what it.

Democrats need to say that it is Republicans who are preventing the passage of gun safety laws. Let’s not talk about the few Democrats who oppose it when almost all Republicans won’t do a damn thing.

The media needs to stop saying that “Congress” won’t pass gun laws. It’s not “Congress”, it’s Republicans. The GOP has done a great job of working the refs. The media is afraid that if they say Republicans are the problem, it will look like they are biased liberals.

This is not a mental health problem. The US doesn’t have a higher rate of mental illness than other countries.

We should (but won’t) be able to do at least a few things – universal background checks and banning assault weapons. There is no reason private citizens should have assault weapons. You don’t need them for hunting or defending your home.

Republicans have decided that mass shootings are an acceptable price to pay in order for people to get all the guns they want.

I am not optimistic that anything major will get done. The public has a limited attention span and we’ll move on to something else.

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