The Mothers of Invention – Absolutely Free released 5/26/67

Absolutely Free was the second Mothers of Invention album and is the most accessible album by the original lineup. The longest, most complex, and best track is “Brown Shoes Don’t Make It”.

One of the songs is “Duke of Prunes”. Around that time, I was running for office in my junior high school and decided to give out prunes to students, inspired by the song. One of my friends and I were in the Acme supermarket looking at prune boxes trying to figure out how to get the most for my limited budget. An old lady passed by, pointed to a box, and said to us “This kind is the best”. I guess she thought we wanted a laxative.

“Uncle Bernie’s Farm” is about how toys embrace violence and has the great lines “We gotta send Santa Claus back to the Rescue Mission. Christmas don’t make it no more.”

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